Bio: Middle school U.S. History/Spanish teacher. Teacher mentor. EdTech lover. Collaboration junkie. STAR Discovery Educator. Yearbook and Student Government Adviser. Follow me on Twitter @cmaddoxjr

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  1. Hi Chuck,
    Here’s fly swatter instructions. Enjoy.
    Fly Swatter
    Divide your class into 2 groups.
    Display on the blackboard 20 vocabulary words (words could also be displayed on the Word Wall)
    Choose one student from each team and ask them to turn their backs to the words.
    Give both students a fly swatter
    The teacher gives a definition, description, or example for one of the words. The teacher might reference readings in class, lessons already discussed, or might use an action/visual to help the students remember the term begin described.
    The teacher will then say “Go” and the students will turn and face the words and attempt to be the first to “fly swat” the word to earn points for their team.

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